Sun and Earth Construction

Our Mission:

to make the world a better place for our children and our children’s children. We believe a better world is achievable with creative thinking and hard work. By fulfilling our clients’, customers’, and families’ needs with intelligent innovation, we have become leaders and models showing a way to a sustainable future.

Jim Graham: Builder

Sun & Earth Construction is dedicated to designing and building better structures for both working and living. Our goal is a building that meets the needs of the user.

Aesthetics, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, durability, safety, and comfort are some of our design criteria.

Sun & Earth can work from your designs or can provide the designs and imagination for the project of your dreams. A designer who also builds is able to provide the most effective plans and construction detailing.

Cost effectiveness is a basic consideration in all of our work.

Since 1976 our concern with resource conservation has inspired innovation in solar design and energy efficiency, both in earth-sheltered and frame construction.

A strategy of using appropriate materials, methods, and design to create buildings that serve the occupants most efficiently has been a primary focus.

With many years experience in contracting, we are artisans in fine woodworking, timber framing, masonry, and metalworking.

We can build in any media, with special expertise in adobe, custom millwork, exposed timber construction, hydronic heating, passive and active solar systems, and building for the mobility impaired.

  • Member New Mexico Better Business Bureau
  • Member Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce

About Jim Graham

Jim Graham, president of Sun and Earth Construction, is a third-generation New Mexican. He was born in Albuquerque and his construction experience began when he was eight years old.

Jim Graham

He earned his degree in biology from New Mexico State University.
Jim’s experience includes a great diversity of work, from adobe restoration to power plant consultation. Resource conservation and energy efficient design has been a primary interest since 1976. His designs have included wood, steel, and masonry. Much of his work has been influenced by his experience with remodeling where he has been able to learn much relating to durability and versatility. In 1983 Sun & Earth was begun to bring innovation, intelligence, and integrity, to the design and construction of sustainable buildings. Sun and Earth Construction are the foremost innovators in sustainable building in Southern NM.

Jim builds houses to last for generations, literally for centuries, using skills learned through out his entire lifetime, from his father, and grandfather. Modern buildings are built with an economic life of 7- 40 years, but Jim’s philosophy is that a house he is commissioned to build will be a lasting monument and testimonial to the family it is built for, and to Sun and Earth Construction.  Jim has a personal as well as professional investment in every project.

Building sustainable homes isn’t Jim’s only passion. He’s been passionate about passive and active solar design and construction since 1976. Jim installs and sells active solar domestic hot water, radiant heating, and sustainable roof coating. He specializes in high efficiency cooling including radiant cooling and is the distributor for the OASys™ Indirect Evaporative Air Conditioner.

Jim pursues innovation and leading edge ideas in the realms of shelter design and materials science, and constantly test and monitor our materials, methods, and ideas.

His goal personally and professionally is to make the world a better place for today’s children and their children.


“Our new home is 3,000 square feet.  The temperature within the new home remains constant and comfortable from day to night and throughout the seasons.  Our former home was smaller (1,100 square feet), yet the utility bills were higher.  Even with electric heat, the old house was often cold on winter evenings.”

“We were impressed by the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We appreciate Sun & Earth’s customer-friendly approach.  We felt part of a collaborative effort to bring our dream house to fruition.”

”the in-floor radiant heating system is much less drying than forced air during the winter months.”

 ‘the house has not required heavy maintenance due to the quality of materials and workmanship, high quality stucco, roofing, insulation and other features that have saved money over time.”

“We are very pleased.  The house has exceeded our expectations in terms of aesthetics, quality, and energy efficiency.” 

“Friends from Germany said this was the most beautiful house that they had ever seen that real people lived in.”

Dr. Nancy Baker and Dr. Peter Gregware, professors at NMSU, eight years after initial construction, typical results of Sun and Earth client-oriented approach.

“I knew that Jim Graham was the only builder I would ever work with. He is a man of such incredible integrity, and he really cares. He cares about the environment, he cares about his clients and he cares about the houses he builds. Jim is a gem.”

“I had almost no propane bill for the winter.”

“Right now, even with my air conditioner on all the time, El Paso Electric is still sending me payments of about $90 a month.”

SANDRA BARTY, homeowner