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Our Mission

Sun and Earth Construction

To make the world a better place for our children and our children’s children. We believe a better world is achievable with creative thinking and hard work. By fulfilling our clients’, customers’, and families’ needs with intelligent innovation, we have become leaders and models showing a way to a sustainable future. We are a top rated home builder in Las Cruces, NM and surrounding area.

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Sustainable Roof Coating

A sustainable roof coating can save you money while helping the environment.

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Since 1976 our concern with resource conservation has inspired innovation in solar design and energy efficiency, both in earth-sheltered and frame construction.

A strategy of using appropriate materials, methods, and design to create buildings that serve the occupants most efficiently has been a primary focus.

With many years experience in contracting, we are artisans in fine woodworking, timber framing, masonry, and metalworking.

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I worked with Jim Graham to build my dream house in Las Cruces. We chose the lot together, he helped me site and design the house I wanted—adobe, solar, with magnificent views, and followed through on every detail. The house was breathtaking, with beamed ceiling, under hardwood floor heating and totally energy efficient. Jim Graham was fabulous: the only builder I would recommend.

- Dr. Sandra B.

In the fall of 1993, my fiancée and I wanted to purchase a solar/adobe house in El Paso, but there were none on the market. Next, we looked for a contractor to build one in El Paso, but that was also a dead-end. Knowing that New Mexico is supportive of solar/adobe construction, we consulted the Las Cruces Yellow Pages. After reviewing his portfolio, we selected Jim Graham because he seemed to know his craft and because of his willingness to travel to El Paso. We had tentative plans for our dream house, which we submitted to Jim. After several slight modifications, he came up with the final blueprints. Jim finished the shell on time and under budget. We were attempting to complete the inside ourselves.

- Gordon B.


Excellent and professional every time. The estimate was always honored without additional
cost. Always friendly, courteous service.

- G. Lusk

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Sun and Earth is a Member of NM Better Business Bureau and a Member of Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce.
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