The Foundation

We offer post tensioned concrete, using fly ash as an additive material to concrete.

The advantages of metal as a roofing material are efficiency and sustainability. We combine these attributes and integrate this roofing into the heating and cooling system. To learn more please go our Solar Systems page.

Radiant Floor Overview

Radiant heating systems convert a floor into a large area, low temperature radiator. Warm water is circulated through closely spaced plastic tubing that is embedded in the floor slab or attached to the underside of wooden subflooring. Underfloor insulation is a critical component. Zoning depends on advanced manifolds that regulate flow or modulate the water temperature in different tubing runs. Sophisticated controls regulate the system using temperature sensors in the slab in each room being heated as well as outdoors. [Read more]

“Generally the house has not required heavy maintenance sue to the quality of materials and workmanship. However, the solar water system does require more attention than a conventional system.”