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Building and Remodeling

We specialize in sustainable building for new construction, including adobe and rammed earth construction, as well as conventional building methods. We work with design/build practices that provide you with the most energy efficient, sustainable home possible.
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Custom Homes We also do remodeling of existing homes to bring sustainable, environmental friendly, energy efficient living to your home. We offer a free consultation to analyze your needs, and recommend which systems should be in place first or which you can postpone. We provide you with a plan, based on your budget, that will give you the most for your money.

Sustainable Roof Coating

Sustainable Roof coating can save you money while helping the environment. A statement made by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu encouraged painting roofs white as an effective tool in reducing energy use from air conditioning.

The advantages are so much more!
– With a sustainable roof your energy bill will be lower
– your roof will last longer and require less maintenance than a conventional roof
– Your roof will no longer be a heat collection source but will help your home stay cool.

Metal Roofs

– Metal roofs add energy efficiency.
– A Metal Roof can enhance the look of your home and provide attic space/storage area.
– A Metal Roof will increase the appraisal value of your home and lasts far longer than a typical  roof.
– Esthetically pleasing and energy efficient, metal roofs can be an enduring and attractive option.

Superior Durability Metal roofing is a proven product, more durable than most available roofing systems. Metal roofs simply last longer, and is often the roofing choice for many government, school and industrial buildings.

Excellent performance Metal roofs rate high in wind, fire, and hail resistance.

Energy Efficient In predominantly warm climates, the high solar reflectance and high infrared emittance roof drops the building’s air conditioning load and reduces peak energy demands on the utility. full article

Environmentally Friendly According to the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center, 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into US landfills every year. The recycled content of the steel in a metal roof is far superior to asphalt. Metal roofs also have a low per unit area weight, making it possible in most cases to install directly over existing roofs, saving removal and disposal costs.

Air Conditioning

In New Mexico, keeping cool is a necessity during our warm months. With the days hotter than some of our best green chile you’ll want to keep cool while saving money and energy. The best way to do that is with a high efficiency air conditioner from Sun & Earth.

– provides up to 80% reduction in energy consumption
– superior air quality
– low maintenance
– environmentally friendly!
– It qualifies for the El Paso Electric’s EPESaver™ High Efficiency Cooling Program